Connect Groups

Our Connect Groups are at the heart of church life and meet at different times and places across the Wellington region. They are small enough to feel like family, and diverse enough for everyone to feel at home.

Through our Connect Groups we: 
  • encounter God and grow in our relationship with Him 
  • grow as disciples and build friendship and community together 
  • pursue our calling to bring the Kingdom wherever we are

Other Groups

In addition we have a variety of other groups which have a particular focus. For example: 

Mums and Bubs: A group for mums with babies and young children for friendship, support and growing in their faith together.

Ladies Walks: An opportunity to bring friends and relax together, walk along the beach and share lunch.

Half-Time: A workshop to help men discover what God has called them to do in the second half of their lives. Includes breakfast.

Men’s Breakfasts: Start the day with other guys to inspire and encourage each other over breakfast.

On the Streets: Learning to share the Father's love with people through sharing the gospel, bringing prophetic words and healing.

Conversation Club: This group teaches English to refugees and local people, by befriending and talking with them.

Inspire: A group to inspire and encourage women based around a meal and discussions on various thought-provoking subjects.

If you have any other questions about Group Life please get in touch with us by using the form on our Contact Us page.