What we Believe

We believe in one true God who created and sustains the universe. Though the Bible does not use the word, it reveals God as ‘Trinity’—three in complete unity: 

Father - He is a good Father who is faithful, all-powerful and kind. He loves his creation and is perfect in everyway 

Son - He is Jesus, and is fully God, yet lived a life on earth as fully human, experiencing every challenge and temptation we face, yet without fault. He came to show us the Father and restore us to a relationship with him, through his death on a cross 

Holy Spirit - He is given to Jesus’ followers to reveal who God is and draw us into a relationship with him. The Spirit empowers people to courageously live their lives as God intends, bringing his Kingdom (rule) wherever they go 

We believe the Bible is God’s Word to us. We can rely on it for everything to do with faith and life. Through it we receive revelation of who God is and discover how we can have relationship with him. 

We believe humankind was made for relationship with God; we are his children, made in his image, and are accountable to him. Tragically, we have all rejected God’s authority over us (the Bible calls this ‘sin’), and as a result have been separated from him. If the relationship is not restored in this life, we will be forever cut off from God after death (the Bible calls this ‘hell’) 

We believe God, in his great love, has provided a unique way for us to be forgiven and restored, if we will accept it. His Son, Jesus, willing laid down his life for us to be restored to the Father. By turning from our sin (‘repenting’), and trusting in Jesus’ death for us, we are ‘born again’ and restored as sons and daughters of God. 

We believe the church is a gathering (or community) of Jesus’ followers. It is God’s family across the centuries and around the globe, expressed locally by many different groups. The church is God’s vehicle to express his love, hope, character and power on earth. 

We believe Jesus came to establish God’s Kingdom (his rule) on earth. He taught us to pursue God’s Kingdom above every other priority, and demonstrated the good things that happen under Gods’ rule—people get healed from sickness, set free from bondages, forgiven, loved and restored. One day Jesus will return in person and fully establish the Kingdom where death, sickness, suffering, pain and sorrow will be no more! 

If you have any questions about these beliefs or would like to discuss them with someone, please contact us.