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Throughout April we have our series 'Discover Jesus', on Sundays 7, 14 & 21 April, which runs alongside our events with Tomokanga (Gateway).  Each Sunday will be full of performances by people from within our church community and also some special guests.

The details:
Te Manawa
Aotea College

Have a read below of what we have going on each Sunday!

April 7 - What is He like?

Find out what Jesus is like through spoken word, dance and song.  These performances will be given to us by the talented:
Esther Dele-Oluwole, Tash Malaulau, Tash Crichton, Neeketa Tavite, Summer Brooking-Ihaka & Tone Rene.
Sam Henare will then help us explore the character of Jesus.   

ET  Tash M  Neeketa  Summ1


14 April - Will He accept me?

This week we have the talents of Alex Gandionco, Hudson Boyes & Joe Haddow bringing us a spoken word, dance and song. 
Phil Haddow will then be unpacking this big question - Will He accept me?

Alex  Hudson  Joe

21 April - Can I know Him?

The final Sunday in this series Lee Malaulau will look at how we personally can know Jesus.  We will be having a singing performance by Joe Haddow & Alex Gandionco and then a celebration of the cultures within our church with various cultural dances!

Alex  Joe

Come along, enjoy the fun and Discover Jesus with us!